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How do you cope with stage 4 endometriosis?

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Consider viable forms of medication. Your healthcare provider can accommodate you with a variety of treatment options for endometriosis. While doing this, they can outline the benefits and risks of each treatment option while considering your situation.

Manage your stress levels. In doing so you can reduce the repetitive cycle of endometriosis symptoms being exacerbated by stress and vice-versa.

Exercise regularly. Those who live with pain often fear exercising and in doing so exacerbate problems of discomfort that they may be feeling. Consistent physical activity may reduce the discomfort and pain you experience.

Undertake alternative therapies. There is minimal research to justify alternative therapies for treating endometriosis. However, some women may find relief by incorporating various complementary and alternative forms of medicine into their treatment plan.

Watch your diet. Consuming the appropriate foods may provide some protection in opposition to your endometriosis.

How do you cope with stage 4 endometriosis?

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