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abortion history

Abortion History in America

Between 1600 and 1900, abortion was a common practice in North America. Many indigenous groups developed the ability to induce abortions prior to the foundation of…
FACT OR FALLACY: ABORTION Mifeprex Abortion pill

Abortion: Addressing Myths

Abortion Poses a Risk: FALSE Anti-abortion organizations frequently assert that abortions lead to uterine scarring and cervical damage. These are false claims due to there being…
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Know Your Rights as a Patient

Patient Rights: Patient rights are rights that protect a patient while in a medical facility or undergoing medical treatment. This may consist of rights protected…
FACT OR FALLACY: ABORTION Mifeprex Abortion pill


The issue of Abortion is a highly controversial one, fraught with many sides and opinions. When most people hear the word “Abortion,” they immediately think…
Abortion and Sexual Violence

Abortion and Sexual Violence

Newark Clínica De Aborto Newark NJ Posted on December 16, 2021 Oswego Clínica De Aborto Oswego NY Posted on December 16, 2021 Massapequa Park Clínica…
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My Pregnancy, My Choice

MY MIND. MY BODY. MY CHOICE. We support your decisions, whatever they may be. Finding out you’re pregnant unexpectedly can be a shock. What does…

Abortion Support

ABORTION SUPPORT FOR MALE PARTNER, FAMILIES, AND FRIENDS When someone you care about becomes pregnant unexpectedly, figuring out the best ways to help and support…

Aspiration History

Introduction and Overview While abortion is legally permitted in many countries, women continue to face profound barriers that restrict their access to safe abortion services…