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The scourge of sexual violence (SV) is still prevalent in many countries and many societies the world over. In the US, Almost 3 million women experienced Rape-Related Pregnancy (RRP) during their lifetime. RRP was similar across racial and ethnic groups (i.e., Hispanic, White non-Hispanic, Black non-Hispanic, and other non-Hispanic). These pregnancies are usually the result of reproductive coercion, a form of sexual violence that is characterized by exerting power and control over reproduction through interference with contraception use and pregnancy (CDC, 2019).

For most women, the effects of sexual violence are devastating, to say the least. The physical and mental anguish can take a heavy toll on one’s well-being. One of the most significant of these effects is the feeling of loss of control and power over their bodies and their most intimate selves; and the pregnancies resulting from sexual violence can add more distress to the victim’s delicate physical and emotional state. This is why many victims of sexual violence may choose to have an abortion as a way to regain control over their bodies and to terminate a pregnancy resulting from a crime. These victims; especially those that come from low-income backgrounds, need to have complete access to the full spectrum of reproductive choices available to them.

Reproductive health starts with women making conscious choices about their bodies, and exploring all of the options available to them for the improvement of their condition. Abortion is just one of those options that can help these women move on from their trauma and help them to start over.

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