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Safe Abortion White Plains NY

Safe Abortion White Plains NY

Pregnancy Termination and What To Expect in White Plains NY

For over quarter of a century, patients have relied on Parkmed NYC’s commitment and dedication to the highest standards of reproduction, medical care and pregnancy termination serving White Plains New York. Parkmed NYC’s patient-friendly approach is evident from the start. When a patient calls for an appointment, a multi-lingual phone counselor addresses each question and concern. At Parkmed NYC, we realize that a visit for an abortion or a surgical procedure can be a stressful experience. That is why we have created a patient-centered environment designed to reduce anxiety and make our patients comfortable as they go through their abortion procedure.

Pregnancy Termination Counseling Serving White Plains NY

At Parkmed NYC, individual abortion counseling is available to all patients and offered by trained and sensitive professionals who have been chosen because of their effectiveness in dealing with the abortion needs of patients of all ages with special attention given to teenagers. Post-operative abortion counseling and abortion follow-up care are also provided on-site.

Clean And Modern Clinical Space

Parkmed NYC is a clean and modern clinical space for ambulatory surgery located in the heart of Manhattan and New York City. We are committed to a program of constant re-evaluation, redesign, and rebuilding in order to offer our patients the most advanced medical technologies and procedures. Our facility includes emergency-equipped operating suites and comfortable recovery rooms. The Parkmed NYC on-site laboratory accurately tests for determination of pregnancy, CBC, and urine tests. We also test for the presence of sexually transmitted infections. Parkmed NYC offers patients the most advanced approved pregnancy termination services in White Plains New York, including abortions up to 27.6 weeks, non-surgical abortions (abortion pill), early abortions, tubal ligations, colposcopy and LEEP.

24-Hour Emergency Hotline

Parkmed NYC also has a 24-hour emergency hotline which gives patients immediate access to our medical team. Patients requiring inpatient pregnancy termination are treated by our team of physicians at New York’s finest hospitals. To reach our Emergency Hotline (available 24 hours day, 7 days a week), call 212-686-6066.

On-Site Laboratory

The Parkmed NYC on-site laboratory accurately tests for determination of pregnancy, CBC, and urine tests. We also test for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. Parkmed NYC offers patients the most advanced approved abortions services in White Plains New York, including abortions up to 27.6 weeks, non-surgical abortions (abortion pill), early abortions, tubal ligations, colposcopy and LEEP.

Highly Skilled Professionals

The entire staff at Parkmed NYC are highly skilled professionals working as a team, focused on the patient’s well-being. The team’s leader is our full-time board-certified Medical Director. He is supported in this role by our full-time board-certified Director of Anesthesia, helped by our supporting staff of board-certified gynecologists, anesthesiologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, nursing assistants, and counselors.

Parkmed NYC surgeons are highly qualified physicians who have met the high standard of our demanding credentialing process. Our nursing staff is of the highest caliber; comprised of knowledgeable and experienced reproductive and abortion care clinicians who reflect the diversity of the patient population we serve.

Fluent In Several Languages

Many of our physicians and support staff are fluent in several languages and offer patients an opportunity to receive care from individuals who understand their cultures as well as their languages. Female providers are available.

Our Termination of Pregnancy Services

Safe Abortion Option Abortion Pill White Plains NY

If you realize you are pregnant early, medical abortion may be an alternative to surgical abortion. These tablets together are commonly known as the abortion pill. In a surgical abortion, the pregnancy is removed through use of suction curettage, in medical abortion, “the abortion pill” is used to terminate and expel the pregnancy. The two drugs used for early medical abortion are Mifeprex (mifepristone) and Cytotec (misoprostol). The abortion by pill has been monitored in clinical trials in the United States and France, which have proven that medical abortion has a success rate of 95% or greater for individuals ten weeks pregnant or less. Since then, Mifeprex, also known as RU486, has been successfully used by over half a million patients to terminate early pregnancy.

Safe Abortion Option First Trimester Abortion White Plains NY

First trimester abortion is an in-clinic abortion service that is one of the safest and most common abortion procedures performed in the United States, and our medical team is expertly skilled in providing this vital pregnancy termination near White Plains New York. We understand that each patient has different needs and want every visit to be a positive experience. An in-clinic abortion procedure is a safe, simple procedure and usually lasts between five and 15 minutes. On the day of your surgery, you will be greeted and checked in at the front desk and proceed to the laboratory for a pregnancy test and blood work. You will then have a sonogram to accurately determine the length of your pregnancy. Once we determine how long you have been pregnant, you will meet with a patient counselor to be told about the abortion procedure, anesthesia, post-operative abortion care, contraception and how to contact us 24 hours a day following your surgery. We will also schedule an appointment for you to return to the facility in 2-3 weeks for your free post-abortion appointment.

Safe Abortion Option Second Trimester Abortion White Plains NY

An in-clinic abortion in second trimester, also called dilatation and evacuation (D&E) is performed for pregnancies that are between 13-27.6 weeks from conception. When you call for an appointment an experienced staff member will ask you for the first day of your last normal menstrual period. We can use this date to estimate the stage of your pregnancy. When you arrive at the facility a sonogram will be performed to get an exact measurement of the pregnancy to determine gestational age.

Safe Abortion Option Aspiration Procedure​ White Plains NY

The aspiration procedure involves insertion of a tube into the cervical opening. Through aspiration, the contents of the uterus are effectively removed. This method is safe and trusted by doctors to be an effective means of abortion with minimal risk or pain to patients.

Safe Abortion White Plains NY

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Our Patients Come First

Parkmed NYC’s Board Certified team of doctors and medical professionals, assisted by highly qualified and sensitive support staff, truly believe that the patient comes first. Every member of our team understands the importance of remaining sensitive and responsive to the concerns of our patients.

At Parkmed NYC, one of the most renowned private abortion clinics in NYC, you will receive the highest quality care (NYC Abortion) for all of your reproductive health needs. Our highly skilled staff is trained to assist you through a safe, comfortable visit. Our anesthesia staff is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Our support staff maintains certification in Basic Life Support and follows strict infection control practices.

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