Morning After Pill


Emergency Contraception Pills (ECP)

Commonly known as the morning-after pill, ECPs are birth control pills containing the hormone estrogen and progestin. The current treatment schedule is one dose within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse and a second dose 12 hours after the first.

Emergency contraception is a way of blocking the meeting between a woman's egg and a man's sperm or if such a meeting has already occur, of preventing a fertilized egg from attaching itself to the womb.- Emergency contraception is not an abortion; it will not disrupt an already established pregnancy, nor does it harm a fetus if used by mistake early in an established pregnancy.

The use of birth control pills for emergency contraception was introduced by Dr. Albert Yuzpe, a Canadian Obstetrician and Gynecologist in 1974. Emergency contraception pills have been available in Europe and other countries since then, where they are packaged for just that purpose.

Emergency contraception is just that; contraception to be used in an emergency, and should not be substituted for ongoing contraception. There are two types of emergency contraception pills (ECP). Plan B and Ella.



  • Plan B is the most common form of emergency contraception.
  • It is available over the counter for anyone 17 years and older in NY state.
  • Plan B is not effective on women who weigh over 176 pounds.
  • Plan B is a progestin only pill. Progestin is a hormone contained in many birth control pill.
  • It must be taken within 72 hours of sex in order to be effective, though it becomes less effective the closer you are to ovulation.


  • Ella is less widely available than Plan B but is actually thought to be more effective.
  • Ella works for women of all weights- Unlike Plan B, Ella can be taken up to five days after sex to prevent pregnancy.
  • Ella is a non-hormonal pill which works by blocking hormones necesarry for conception to take place.
  • Ella requires a perscription.

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