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Aspiration Procedure

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Aspiration Procedure Services

When you have an unwanted pregnancy, it can be a difficult time. For women interested in the abortion options in NYC, aspiration procedure services may provide one of the best solutions at our Private Clinic. At Parkmed, we offer women a variety of options and comprehensive Gynecology and Fertility treatment, which is usually not available in abotion clinics. As compassionate professionals in this field, we will explain all of your abortion options in detail. Since 1971, we have been giving women a choice and supporting them with quality care for safe, healthy decisions.

Our offices offer privacy and confidentiality so you feel comfortable and secure. A board certified gynecologist will work with you to help you make informed decisions. We can discuss all available options for aspiration abortion procedures and the non-surgical abortion pill.

The aspiration procedure involves insertion of a tube into the cervical opening. Through aspiration, the contents of the uterus are effectively removed. This method is safe and trusted by doctors to be an effective means of abortion with minimal risk or pain to patients.

We offer the unique opportunity to have the aspiration abortion procedure under local anesthesia and, when the patient wishes, under sedation or general anesthesia.

If you need to be seen today, we welcome walk-ins at our private clinic. We strive to provide a non-judgmental, caring environment where patients feel free to express their concerns. Our office accepts Medicaid and we can work with most private insurance companies. For your convenience, we will obtain insurance approval for you. We make every effort to make this procedure available with reasonable pricing.

Aspiration procedure services provided by board certified gynecologists at Parkmed are safe, and an effective early abortion procedure when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. If you have a missed period and unsure if you are in early pregnancy, feel free to walk-in.

When you need information on NYC abortion costs and procedures, talk to the dedicated team at PARKMED. We offer free pregnancy tests, confidential counseling, and caring treatment all during your time with us. We care about women's health here! Call today and we'll be glad to answer any of your questions.

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