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When you have an unwanted pregnancy, it can be a difficult time. For individuals interested in the abortion options in Patchogue New York, aspiration procedure is a surgical abortion service that may provide one of the best solutions at our private clinic. At Parkmed NYC, we offer individuals a variety of options and comprehensive gynecology and fertility treatment, which is usually not available in abortion clinics in Patchogue NY. As compassionate professionals in this field, we will explain all of your abortion options in detail. Since 1971, we have been giving individuals a choice and supporting them with quality care for safe, healthy decisions.

Our offices offer privacy and confidentiality, so you feel comfortable and secure. A board-certified gynecologist will work with you to help you make informed decisions. We can discuss all available options for surgical abortions in Patchogue NY and aspiration abortion procedures.

What To Expect from surgical abortions in Patchogue NY

The aspiration procedure involves insertion of a tube into the cervical opening. Through aspiration, the contents of the uterus are effectively removed. This method is safe and trusted by doctors to be an effective means of abortion with minimal risk or pain to patients.

We offer the unique opportunity to have the aspiration abortion procedure under local anesthesia and, when the patient wishes, under sedation or general anesthesia.

Aspiration procedure services provided by board-certified gynecologists at Parkmed NYC are safe and is an effective early abortion procedure when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. If you have a missed period and are unsure if you are in early pregnancy, feel free to walk-in.

When you need information on Patchogue New York abortion costs and procedures, talk to the dedicated team at Parkmed NYC. We offer free pregnancy tests, confidential counseling, and caring treatment all during your time with us. We care about your health! Call today and we’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.

Common Surgical Abortion Myths in Patchogue NY

Aspiration is a ‘non-surgical’ procedure different from most abortions done currently.

False – The aspiration procedure (actually called manual surgical abortion (MVA)) is still a surgical abortion procedure in Patchogue New York. It is almost identical to what most facilities currently call just the abortion procedure (electrical surgical abortion) commonly performed at hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices. The mechanisms of action and level of vacuum for the two methods are the same. The difference between them is how the equally gentile suction used to remove the pregnancy in each case is produced. Both electrical surgical abortion (EVA) and manual surgical abortion procedure (MVP) differ significantly from the previously common practice of dilation and curettage (D&C). While more invasive and difficult, D&C procedures are still performed in medical practices under special circumstances or when both electricity for electrical surgical abortion and MVP equipment is not available.

At Parkmed NYC, our regular first trimester surgical procedure (EVA) does not involve curettage or ‘scraping’. Curettage is performed only in special circumstances and during second trimester abortions or when a sampling of the uterine lining is needed for diagnosis in a patient who is not pregnant.

The surgical abortion in Patchogue NY or aspiration procedure (MVP) is recommended over the regular surgical abortion (EVA) when the patient wishes limited anesthesia during their procedure. The equipment for electrical surgical abortion makes a whirring sound which for some increases the psychological discomfort of the patient. Manual surgical abortion is silent which studies have shown allows the patient to relax and experience less psychological discomfort while being conscious for the entire procedure.

The majority of abortions preformed by doctors, clinics and hospitals are the more abrasive and complicated dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure.

False – In the United States, Canada, China, New Zealand, Singapore and other nations, 97% of first trimester abortions are performed using surgical abortion. In the United States, when doctor’s offices and clinics offer abortions, they are primarily using the electrical surgical abortion procedure (EVA) which does not involve scraping or cutting.

Offices claiming that manual aspiration procedures are a new and completely different type of abortion are misleading the public.

At Parkmed NYC, we wish to give a full and honest explanation of the differences between the surgical abortions in Patchogue NY i.e. manual surgical abortion, electrical surgical abortion and dilation & curettage (D&C).

The aspiration procedure is a completely new technique only made available recently by more exclusive medical practices.

False – Surgical abortion (electrically powered or manually produced) has been the safest and most regularly preformed method of first trimester abortion since its invention by Chinese doctors in 1957.

By the late 1960s and early 1970s, training and use of surgical abortion spread first to Europe and then the United States. There is over 30 years of research detailing over 400,000 cases in 50 different studies across more than two dozen countries showing the safety and effectiveness of aspiration.

Surgical Abortion Patchogue NY

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