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Parkmed Abortion Clinic Funding for No Cost Abortion and Gyn Care

Need Gyn care or Abortion Services but worried about money? Call us now. If other clinics are delaying your appointment or rejecting your insurance, we will try to help you with an immediate appointment. If you are in financial need you may qualify for free birth control and or STD testing. Although there is no such thing as a 'free abortion' or 'free abortion clinics in NYC', call us and we will see if you qualify for financial assistance or an abortion at no cost to you. Parkmed works with The National Abortion Federation and other Reproductive Health Care Funds nationwide to help our patients receive services despite barriers put up by restrictive insurance plans or economic difficulties. We are committed in helping you to get an abortion no matter what financial difficulties you may be facing. We have helped thousand patients in need, we have waived our fee for many patients who qualified to be able to have in effect a free abortion ultimately. If you have a GYN emergency or are unexpectedly pregnant, do not wait weeks suffering with indecision and fear. Call right away for affordable and immediate service in the comfort of our confidential and state of the art office.

Immediate Appointments

Mon-Sat 7am-8pm, Sun 9am-5pm
800 2nd Ave, Suite 605, New York, NY 10017