March 17, 2015

Chicago Tribune: Touching Open Letter / Critique to Women’s Health Magazine

  Hey, Women’s Health, I’m trying to raise a girl who likes her body Family Colon Cancer Heidi Stevens CHICAGO TRIBUNEhstevens​@chicagotribune.com    Park Med on Google+
March 16, 2015

National Review: Is Abortion Only a ‘Women’s Issue”?

  Abortion Is Not a ‘Women’s’ Issue Because ‘Men Have Abortions’ Too by KATHERINE TIMPF March 13, 2015 4:44 PM And so do transgender people and […]
February 24, 2015

“Girls” Fresh Approach to Abortion Issue

    What Makes The Portrayal Of Abortion On ‘GIRLS’ Different Than The Rest Jennifer Gerson UffalussyFebruary 23, 2015 Park Med on Google+
February 3, 2015

KOMO News: Teen Parental Consent Law Comes Before Washington State Senate

Abortion notification bill comes before Senate panel By DERRICK NUNNALLY Associated Press Published: Feb 2, 2015 at 7:12 PM PST Park Med on Google+
January 16, 2015

Daily Show takes on Alabama Abortion Law

‘Daily Show’ Shreds Alabama’s Ridiculous New Abortion Law The Huffington Post  |  By Ed Mazza Posted: 01/16/2015 6:07 am EST Updated: 01/16/2015 6:59 am EST Park Med on Google+
October 17, 2014

Huffington Post: Talking Differently about AB

  Katha Pollitt Become a fanColumnist for The Nation Email The Abortion Conversation We Need To Have Posted: 10/16/2014 9:55 am EDT Updated: 10/16/2014 9:59 am EDT Park Med on […]
September 23, 2014

Slate: Interview with Jennifer Whalen

  Why Is This Mother in Prison for Helping Her Daughter Get an Abortion? 55 41 596 By Amanda Marcotte Park Med on Google+
May 22, 2014

Poverty and Limited Access to Contrception Linked to High Abortion Rates in Detroit

The Detroit News Health + Fitness May 22, 2014 at 1:01 pm Doctor: Detroit abortion stats ‘like some Third World country’ Karen Bouffard The Detroit News […]
May 12, 2014

Boston Globe: Teen Pregnancy Down

Teen pregnancy and abortion rates drop to new lows By Deborah Kotz | GLOBE STAFF   MAY 11, 2014 Park Med on Google+
March 4, 2014

Daily News: Bronx highest teen pregnancy and abortion rates in NYC

Pregnancy and abortion rates among Bronx teens is highest in the city, new report says Bronx girls have highest rate of teen pregnancy and abortions in […]
February 7, 2014

New Study: HPV Vaccine Does Not Lead to Early or Higher Risk Sexual Behavior

By Heather MacGibbon Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center released a new study February 3, 2014 that shows that teens and young women given the HPV […]
January 17, 2014

Sexual Exploration and Positive Self Esteem: Women and Masturbation

By Heather MacGibbon   While we almost never talk about it – studies from the last ten years show that not only do 92% of women […]
November 26, 2013

Lest We Forget!

I am posting the link to this Miami Harold Article because I think that it is important for those of us in the US to remember […]
October 31, 2013

Students Try to Change from Debate to Dialogue

By Heather MacGibbon   Tuesday October 29, 2013 Advocates for Youth started the “One in Three” week of action campaign across US college campus and youth […]