Buffer Zone

May 4, 2015

Salon: Anti Abortion Activities in Context of Terrorism

    “We need to talk about this as terrorism”: The war against abortion providers Abortion providers across the country are intimidated and abused — and […]
March 19, 2015

Atlantic: Can Protesters Really Change Minds?

  Can You Change a Woman’s Mind in the Walk Up to an Abortion Clinic? The Supreme Court has given pro-life advocates free rein to spread […]
February 13, 2015

The Slate: Harassment of Clinic Workers Increasing

  Anti-Abortion Terrorism Ten ways that laws and law enforcement should protect clinic workers. By David S. Cohen and Krysten Connon Park Med on Google+
January 30, 2015

Threats Against AB Providers on the Rise

   FOLLOW Threats Against Abortion Providers Have Doubled Since 2010 5,588 9 Anna Merlan ProfileFollow Anna Merlan Filed to: ABORTION CLINICS BUFFER ZONES FEMINIST MAJORITY FOUNDATION THREATS […]
October 10, 2014

New AB War Ground Zero

In the abortion wars, a new ground zero A Supreme Court decision striking down buffer zones at clinics brings protesters and patients closer together — but […]
July 30, 2014

NYT: Freedom of Speech vs Safety in New York

New York’s Abortion Protest Law is Praised by Justices, but Few Others by Benjamin Mueller  July 30, 2014 Park Med on Google+
July 11, 2014

NYT: Buffer Zones After McCullen

  New York Times Blog:  How Big is Too Big?  – by Jesse Wegman  July 11, 2014  Park Med on Google+
June 30, 2014

CBS: Anti Abortion Protesters Take Advantage of Ruling in Boston

ByHANNAH FRASER-CHANPONGCBS NEWSJune 29, 2014, 5:06 PM Anti-abortion protesters take advantage of Supreme Court ruling Park Med on Google+
June 26, 2014

Why Buffer Zones Are Important

    by Heather MacGibbon   Thursday June 26, 2014 the US Supreme Court struck down a law in Massachusetts which provided 35 feet buffer zones […]
June 26, 2014

NBC:Supreme Court Ends Buffer Zones in MA

  Supreme Court Strikes Down Massachusetts Law Curbing Abortion Protesters BY PETE WILLIAMS   Park Med on Google+